SKY PATROL (non-lethal bird control)


Nuisance birds like grackles, geese, pigeons and gulls cost businesses millions each year by damaging buildings or ruining guest experiences. Bird droppings are unsightly, smelly, and acidic and can carry a wide variety of transmittable diseases that endanger employees, vendors and customers. Implementing an effective abatement service provider will help reduce maintenance, labor and insurance expenses while enhancing your guest’s experience.

Prevention vs. Intervention?

Rob Sinkler’s Sky Patrol Avian Abatement offers environmentally friendly bird abatement and wildlife behavior modification services. Our primary goal is to work with clients when starting new projects to prevent negative interaction with native wildlife. Architects and community planners typically seek our advise in the design stage of projects to help avoid nuisance animal problems.

While prevention is the best medicine, when animals are causing damage, you need answers now! Call us today for recommendations on our humane intervention techniques to prevent further property loss. We implement proven abatement programs quickly.

WSP clients include publically held businesses and other facilities who plan to avoid or are experiencing problems with nuisance birds and wildlife, including:

•    Architects/Community Planners
•    Property Management Companies
•    Airports
•    Agriculture/Vineyards/Grain storage facilities
•    Entertainment venues/Restaurants/Resorts
•    Oil & Gas facilities & refineries
•    Hospitals/Medical Centers
•    Landfills/Waste Containment Facilities

Combining Traditional Falconry Techniques & New Technology for Optimal Results

We specialize in trained raptors like falcons and hawks, while utilizing the newest technology and animal behavior modification research for optimal results. Our solutions include a variety of proven techniques, including:

•    Drones
•    Netting
•    Motion sensors
•    Trapping/relocation
•    Sound aversion

Sky Patrol does not utilize invasive animal control techniques like indiscriminant poison distribution or use of firearms.

Resolve Wildlife Problems the Natural Way

We are licensed and insured to resolve your nuisance wildlife problems. Contact us today at (352) 502-2222 to discuss your needs, schedule a site visit or obtain additional information.

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